Friday, January 16, 2009

First Look - Maria Holic

Allright, midterms are over. I'll finally be able to write some reviews.

Ok, so the new anime season started, and i've picked up some new animes. One of these is Maria Holic, which i was interested in seeing because i read the first chapter a whiles back. So, onwards, to

Maria Holic

Summary: Kanako Miyamase is a rather tall girl. She transfers into Ame no Kisaki [Miracle of Rain] Missionary School, in her second year. In her first day there, several secrets come out. One: she is a lesbien. Two: If a boy touches her, she breaks out in hives. Three: there is a boy on campus, masquerading as a girl, named Mariya Shido. Mariya cannot, for whatever reason, reveal that he is really a he, and not a she, so to prevent Kanako from saying anything, she blackmails her, stating that if he will reveal that she is a lesbien [I think i just confused myself there]. Halarity ensues as she explores the all-girls school with this boy on her back.

Analysis: Or not. This anime SUCKS. Usually I do 'first looks' after the 3rd episode, but I can't in this case. I stopped watching halfway through the second episode. Its crap. Really bad. Don't bother watching it.

Why, do you ask? Many reasons.

The animation in the show is really bad. Alot of times they'll put in a random stylized backdrop for no reason at all, instead of just doing a normal background. The normal backgrounds aren't even normal backgrounds, they're more like bad watercolors. If a person isn't an actual character, they look also like they're a bad watercolor. The actual characters ... don't have noses. Its like a failed attempt to draw one. There are also alot of sfx, where they really aren't needed.

About half of each episode is spent in Kanako's mind, with a little chibi character who can fly around, faint, etc etc, whatever. This character speaks very quickly, and oversays everything. She'll bugger out for no reason, and does self monologues whining over whats going on, or talking about the 'ultra cuteness' of this one girl that she just met, repeating herself, over and over and over and over and I think you get the idea. Quite frankly, it is very annoying.

For another thing, I don't care if she is lesbien and there are tons of super cute girls at the school, noone, and I mean noone, even in the biggest harem anime you can find, gets nosebleeds at the drop of a pin like this girl. Like ... seriously ... she must get a blood transfusion 10 times a day.

The music isn't that good either. Its overdone, in a bad attempt to be good. There is probably alot more that I can say about this anime, but I'm trying to scrub it from my mind.

The only good part about this anime is the opening theme, I like it. The ending one is crap, however.

I'm disappointed. Alot more could have been done with this anime, but it was ruined. Its an attempt at a comedy harem ish thing that failed miserably.

Anyways, I'll be able to write another review soon. I'm not putting any screenshots up, because this does NOT deserve one.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sorry about the lack of updates

Hi again, its been what, 2 months?

First off, Happy Holidays and New Year.

Second off, I'm sorry I havn't been writing any reviews. I've read/watched alot of anime/manga that I could have written up, but I can't. I've been bogged down with schoolwork, and I joined 2 fansubbing teams and 2 scanlation teams. Yeah ... busy ...

So anyways, I have winter break in a couple of weeks, I'll try and pump out one review a day.