Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

Title: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
Author: Tanemura Arina
Length: 30 Chapters compiled in 7 Volumes
Rating: 5/10

Summary: The Phantom Theif [Kaitou], Jeanne, has been stealing art for a month or two. However, not all is as it seems - Jeanne is really Maron, a highschooler, who is the reincarnation of Joan of Arc. She has been selected by Kami-sama [God] to seal the demons in the world. These demons have been placed by Maou in artwork. The person who owns the artwork is possessed, and turns into a cold version of himself. When Maron transforms into Jeanne with the help of her angel, Fin, she can checkmate a spirit and seal it away into a chess piece, stealing the art's deceptive beauty.

However, it all changes when Kaitou Sinbad, appears on the scene, along with the new cute neighbor that moved in, Chiaki. When they are discovered to be the right hand of Maou himself, while Maron falls in love with Chiaki, what will happen?

Analysis: The drawing is typical for a shojo manga. Its also kind of weird seeing the fights, which are kinda just splayed in there.

This manga is more of one for romance and nostalgia-like content. At first, the plot is a bit fuzzy - you really have to read the first volume and a half in order to understand whats going on. Before that, you're just like 'what is going on here?'

Other than that, its got the magic shojo touch of being able to work your emotions into liking the romance plot. This is a manga more about feelings than anything else.

It started to get a bit boring halfway through, but don't give up on it. Theres a major plot twist that is actually pretty cool, that just about changes the entire plot, and the ending is pretty decent.

I didn't write alot for this manga, because quite frankly, there isn't that much to write about. Its not that good a manga. The reason it gets a 5 is because of the plot twist and because of the hooking ness of the romance plot [which has been uverused SO many times but is still addictive ...]. Asides from that, its a quick read - I managed to get through it all, with some breaks, in a couple of hours. It was a good boredome reliever, if for a short time

Hopefully to post again with something a bit better ...

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