Friday, October 31, 2008

CHAOS;Head - First Look


Summary: Taku is you're ordinary, run of the mill otaku, who rarely goes to school, and loves playing video games. However, through one of his online chats, he learns about the mysterious New Gen incidents – a horrifying series of murders, done in very strange ways. After clicking an image of a New Gen murder, he is very surprised to, the next day, stumble across that murder as it is being commited. Somehow, Taku is related to all of the New Gen murders – but how? [In all honesty, I still don't know]

Analysis: ... This anime is second to Casshern SINS. Its very unique in several ways, and is very interesting in and of itself. Its based off of a light novel, and is told in much the same way. We see everything, know everything, hear everything, think everything, that the main character does. Its done basically in book form, and really sucks you in. There is maybe 15 seconds of non-takuness in the first three episodes. Because we only know what the main character does, its great for suspense. We're figuring out whats going on as the main character does, and not in a sudden revelation provided by the enemy or by a friend. We're with him as he slowly figures it out, being shocked the entire way, not really knowing what he's getting into. Its done very brilliantly.

Now, the minuses. A problem that I had when first watching it is that you don't realize that its being told from only the perspective of the main character. There were some things that happened that didn't make sense, such as the appearance of Seira-Tan, a character from a TV show that he constantly imagines holding conversations with him.

Other than that, the only minus is that there are only going to be 12 episodes. At the pace its going at, I don't know how much plot is going ot happen after he finds out whats going on, unless there is going to be a second season, which I honestly hope there will be.

Sono me, Dare no me?

Taku and Seira - Sorry, its a bad pic, but something went wrong with the screenshot thing.

The chat window of one of his games. He gets alot of information through these, and it is how he is sucked into the mystery.

The blessed crucifixion, one of the New Gen Events

Sorry that I havn't updated, but its been a long week. Very long. I havn't had much time for anything. I also have alot of tests coming up, so that will be annoying.



Anonymous said...

Chaos;Head's actually based off a visual novel.

Btw, if you use VLC, you can take a snapshot and it shouldn't have any odd errors like you just encountered.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i know that its based off of one. i didn't feel like i should put that here though - think about it, haruhi is based off of visual novels, and they aren't done in the same way [or so i've been told, i don't really remember ..]

and i did use vlc to take it, there was a problem with the program. i ended up reinstalling